Tuesday Travels: The La Laurie Mansion


You know you’re an evil woman when the locals accuse you of brutality and take your slaves away from you! Woo childe! Anyway here’s today’s local haunt.

The most famous of the stories attached to this otherwise lovely mansion is the horror stories associated with the owners, The LaLauries, Leonard, and Delphine.
The most horrifying story attached to the mansion is related to the kitchen fire and the subsequent discovery of a torture room.

It was no secret that during the time, like everyone else in New Orleans, the LaLaurie’s were slave owners. What no one knew until after the fire was that the LaLaurie’s had a room where they tortured some of those slaves.

Many of the stories described the slaves as being malnourished, and several of them were chained to the walls. There are other stories where witnesses claimed that various body parts were found in the torture room.

Visitors who have toured the home claim to hear strange noises and will swear that the slaves of the past are still there, working. It has also been stated that it doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside the house, you always hear the sounds of and see a few ghosts of the slaves who lived, subjected to torture and a died at the LaLaurie Mansion.



You know I had to get some of AHS in this month! Now enjoy some of the best lines Kathy Bates delivered portraying Madame LaLaurie!


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