The Black Barbie Chronicles: Reason 50,000 I Might Be A Racist

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Yeah, okay, I had my moments!  Korea tended to bring that out of me. Check out the time when Racist Black Barbie had to stand her ground; over 50 cents! Enjoy.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

Reason 50,000 That I Might Be a Racist

to staying out late and drinking my paychecks, I’ve taken a lot of taxis to work. Now, I could just wake my ass up and pay the 50 cents to catch the bus to work, the Princess in me said fuck it, sleep late, and take a taxi like the goddess that I am. Then again Korea has really spoiled me the with the damn taxis flowing like water around here, so it does make it hard to catch the bus. I mean, the walk from my apartment to the bus stop alone I pass about 5 taxis. It also doesn’t help that when the taxis see you at the bus stop if you even LOOK like you want to flag one down, they will slow down.

Now it usually costs me a whopping 3500 won or 3 US dollars to go from my home to my school. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed some new signs in back seats of the taxis with a new fare list attached. There were two columns on the signs. Due to my lack of Korean skills, I assumed (ass, u and me) that these were for daytime and nighttime fares, which I am well aware of. It will always cost more to take taxis from midnight to about 4am. Every drunk worth their salt knows this; both Korean and Foreigners alike. Now, again, I am assuming that the taxi companies put these up to ensure that the drunks know they will pay the extra fare. Sometimes, people, Black Barbie is wrong.

When my taxi arrived at my school, I noticed that the meter was 3000 won. Damn, this bastard got here faster and cheaper than any other driver I’ve taken before. I was overjoyed to learn this and then handed him the 3000 won. That joy turned to full-on pissed off Black Barbie when he told me I needed to pay 4000 won instead of the meter rate of 3000 won.

The Racist American in me immediately started jumping on his ass about taking advantage of a foreigner in a strange land. I told him he is not going to charge me the night rate when everyone can see it’s 8 in the morning. The man was pointing to the flyer and trying to explain to me in broken English and Korean but I wasn’t having it.

By this time a small crowd had gathered around and witnessed my mini-breakdown with the taxi driver. I really didn’t care. I wasn’t going to let this bastard try and rip me off an entire 1000 won! Screw that shit! I’m explaining that no one else had been charging me the night rate why should I pay you, jackass. Raging like this in English is pointless so I just give up. I throw the money at him and slam the door while flipping him off.

Later that day when Moon Yeoung took me to pick up my new contact lens ( 6 packs for 30 US dollars. Score!) a terrible thought slowly dawned upon me. I casually mentioned to him about the new fare signs in the taxis. He said yeah, the new fares went into practice today but it will take a while for the taximeters to show the new prices. This is why the new fares are posted. We both made sad faces that it will cost more to take a taxi. I, of course, didn’t tell Moon Yeoung about my ruckus from this morning.

Looking back, the new fare signs in the taxis was just that; new fares dumbass! Then again, I sometimes get things wrong, like today. The reason that I may be a raging racist is not me being an idiot and not noticing the obvious; that’s a tale for another time. The reason I may be a raging racist is that instead of considering my thinking was advertising the taxi fares for day and night was wrong, I jumped to the racist conclusion that this Korean taxi driver was trying to scam me out of what amounts to is 50 cents.

I assumed the worse about the man and based it solely upon his ethnic background. Then again, maybe, I’m just thinking everyone is trying to rip me off. Or then again, maybe I’m just a racist.

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