Black Barbie Chronicles: When Are You Coming Home


Yep. I was asked this question from the moment I left!  Anyway here’s today’s Black Barbie entry with life in Korea.  Enjoy.

F. M. Laster
“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

When Are You Coming Home Black Barbie?

Am I coming home? Do I want to go back? Do I even have a home to go to? To answer the questions, yes, no, and hell no!

I am not a property owner! (Shocker). One day I will be, but today is not that day. As my contract is slowly and I mean slowly winding down, I’m just now thinking about my exit plan. Well, in truth I never had one, but I guess now is as good of a time to think of one.

In the very beginning of my Korean Honeymoon Phase, I was in love with Korea. I envisioned myself staying here for at least five years. Well, that plan went to shit fast. I started to think about how the hell could I stay here for five years when I am having a devil of a time doing one? Not sure what drugs I was one with that five-year plan!

It goes without saying I’ll be heading back to Texas Land and crashing on my parents’ couch until I can make my next move. No, I’m not just leaving. I’m staying in Korea until I gets all my money. I’m seeing this bitch until the end. No fucker is screwing up my money!





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