Summer Hiatus: The Housemaid

So, no rest for the wicked I always say. Here’s tonight’s offering, The Housemaid. Now after watching this I learned that this is a remake with the same name so I’m on the hunt for that one. Until then check out the trailer for this movie and if you get a chance check it out. Semi spoiler alert, the ending, to me, was WTF?!!

The remake of the Korean horror classic, ‘The Housemaid’, moves the story to a luxurious, well-to-do home, where a maid is hired to look after the couple’s young girl and, as it turns out, the husband’s sexual needs. All the important elements from the original ‘Housemaid’ are twisted according to a new logic, while various new characters are introduced and the film is given a different tone, but at its core, ‘Housemaid’ is just as freaky and violent as the original. But it is also far more sexy and cool, and it steadily progresses towards a finale that is worthy of the naturalistic horror of the Grand Guignol. This ending was much discussed in Cannes last year! Im Sang-soo, one of Korean cinema’s most poignant social critics, has directed this film, which follows all the conventions of the horror genre, but nevertheless only presents the unexpected on the genre-level.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West


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