Black Barbie Chronicles: I’m BACKKKKKK


Yes, after a little break Black Barbie is BACK!  Here’s to more interesting Fun Time in Korea stories for your asses!  As usual, enjoy, comment, or whatever!  Have a great week!

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West


Korean Men: Chasing Foreign Ass

You know what makes me want to toss my cookies; Korean men that are interested in interracial relationships. Not in the way you are thinking; these fuckers are creepy! Yep, I know, Black Barbie being all racist again, but hear me out. I was under the impression that Korean men tend to be shy. Yes, I’m showing my racist horns yet again. Then there are some Koreans who have issues with “ all this chocolate.” Well, let’s just put that rumor to bed! Korean men are like any other race, color, and creed man on the planet. Sober, they’ll pretty much mind their manners. Baby, drunk Korean men; WHOLE. NOTHER. LEVEL!!!   You hear me! These drunk fuckers are chatty and handsy.

There is something about soju that brings the freaks out. By day no English, but by night, English scholars! The freaks really do come out at night! I often wonder if these same men would say what they say to me to a Korean girl. If not, then why the hell do they think it’s okay to say it to me? Do I look like the practice, girl? Do I look easy? Do they think that foreign women morally corrupt and just got to have it all the time? I mean do they really think we’re sluts? Are we sluts? I personally think these drunken men have watched too much Asian porn and think this how you approach foreign women. I mean I’ve been out and about, drinking minding my own business and I’ve been hit with some of the following:

“I come to your house, yes?”

“You hot, do you like the sex?”

“You like kiss?”

“Let’s touch.”

“Play some game?”

“Do you like the penis?”

Yeah, that last one threw me. I choked on my drink in the bar when this dude came up to me and said that.   I really wanted to say “Penis in general or yours?” Like, dude why the hell are you talking to me? I mean, I know I look good, but damn, that’s not an invitation! You and I both know damn well you’d never say that shit sober or even in the daytime. However, in a bar and you beyond shitfaced, it’s okay? Bitch, get out of here! I mean are you trying to win Pervert of the Year??

In Korea Land, it can be hard to know if a guy is interested in you, or your “exoticness.” How they approach me is how I judge them. Being Korea, that approach can be a little different. There are so many factors to consider. The decision on how they approach you can be based on their age, your age, who they are with, who you are with, your race, and my personal favorite, how drunk the both of you are. So being guarded is the best way to go.   I’m not here playing Dongs All Over the World; trying to collect them all. Unless he’s hot; and I never, never, NEVER, get a hot guy rolling up on me. Where those sexy bastards at? Now THAT will get a “Why yes! I do like the penis!” “ Your bed or mine?”

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