The Black Barbie Chronicles: I Finally Made It


I can remember the first time I made it to Korea.  It was touch and go leaving, and there was a bit of a mixup at the airport, but I made it; that’s the subject of this here entry.  Enjoy.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

Thursday, October 29

I Finally Made It!

Holy Hell Batman! I made it to Korea. I have been here for two days and I have so much to talk about. Let’s start with my flight.

My flight. My people, my people. I hate to be the one to bring on the stereotypes, but American Airlines is Ghetto with a capital G, however for $355 plus taxes a one way to Korea, I’ll put up with them. Well little ole me gets up to the line to check in and it looks like they have overbooked. I’m pissed because I had a connecting flight and a bitch had shit to do, like start a new job. The checking folks stated that they would see what they could do about booking me on this flight.

Of the fuckfest, which I was, dreading all my times of flying has arrived. I was praying that I would not be in a window or worse middle seat. To me, both places are death. I need to be in the aisle so in case some shit breaks out, so can I; I’m not saving anyone but Black Barbie. The lady asks which I would prefer so I say aisle and doing a silent prayer to the Airplane Gods to bless me with that seat.

So, I get the bad news; they only have a window. I’m swearing inside, but I smile and say okay, I’ll take it. Like I had a choice NOT to take it! When the lady gave me my boarding pass it didn’t look like one that I have ever seen before. My pass has PREM & CLASS:BB on it. So, I asked what it means and the lady smiles at me and says that I am booked in Business Class and apologized for the mix-up. The look on my face was “What”. She smiles, winks and told me to have a nice day. I guess the Ghetto Airlines did something right. Then again, I do up there with a good attitude and wasn’t tripping and swearing, like some of the people next to me were.

Baby let me tell you that they treat you real good up there in Business Class. I mean I had a real menu, some slippers, china, and champagne! Baby, I could get so used to this. Did I mention that my chair converted to an entire bed?! A bed! Damn, it is going to hurt so much when I have to return to the cheap seats. Once you get treated right it is so hard to go back to trash.

In case you’re wondering, the airport is not in Seoul. Oh, Seoul has its own airport but the majority of the international flights come and go from Incheon which is about an hour outside of Seoul. Dumbass me did not know that; I learned that day. Anyway, the man who was to greet me and take me into Seoul did just that. He got me settled into my hotel and notified me when I would be taken to the bus station and then on to Busan. Once I settled in I slept like a baby.

On a side note, my first meal in Korea was Popeye’s. Popeyes???? Come on Black Barbie…. really? Could I get any Blacker? The BLACKNESS!! The BLACKNESS!!!!

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