The Black Barbie Chronicles: Koreans. Nazis. Skin Cream. Oh My!!

OMG!!! I so remember seeing ads like these all over Korea.


I also remember kids rubbing my skin with paper towels to get ” the black off” Oh Korean. Anyway, check out this little diddy about Nazi Skin cream. Have a good one.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

Koreans. Nazis. Skin Cream. Oh My!

Oh, Korea! The things you do that can only make sense in Korea. Well, folks, it looks like a Korean cosmetics company’s campaign has gotten the attention of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The good people at the SWC were impressed the “Nazi images” used in the Koreana Cosmetic’s Company’s ad for some whiting skin cream. By “impressed” I mean they were royally pissed. Clearly, no one at the company got the memo; you can’t give Hitler props in your ads to sell skin cream.

Check this out. The ad campaign used some generic military images with a swastika or two thrown in for whatever strange reason. As if that wasn’t enough, some jackass in Advertising decided to add the slogan, “Hey, Hitler didn’t have the East and West.” You have any idea how many people had to sign off that shit before the first check was cut for the ad? Here’s a hint, a fucking lot! Needless to say, SWC was not impressed the Koreana Cosmetics.

Even by Korean standards, I was surprised (not really) that this ad was allowed to air. Then again, it’s not like there is Hitler HOF (chicken and beer place) in my hood or by my schools. I mean what sort of modernized first world country would allow this type of offensive shit to stand.

On an entirely different form of bigotry, Mrs. Kim the school nurse, out of nowhere mind you, told me that Korean’s aren’t racist. No Korean is racist. That is something, which happens only in America. American racists are different than we have in Korea. I know that there is a story and I plan on getting it out of her.

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