Erotic Friday: The Merchant’s Tale


Here is the last of the Canterbury Tales. Today’s selection is The Miller’s Tale.  Enjoy and have a good one.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West


Excerpt from The Merchant’s Tale

He stoupeth doun, and on his bak she stood

And caughte hire by a twiste. And up she gooth.

Ladyes, I prey yow that ye be nat wroth.

I kan nat glose. I am a rude man.

And sodeynly anon this Damyan

Gan pullen up the smok, and in he throng.”


So in this tale, an old man named January (who’s kind of a jerk tbh) marries a much younger woman named May, who promptly begins having an affair with a young man named Damyan. January becomes blind, and doesn’t realize this is going on. In this scene, Damyan is waiting for May in a tree. May tells January she wants to get some fruit from this tree and climbs on his back to get a boost up to the waiting Damyan, who grabs her and immediately starts having sex with her. Like, she’s barely off her husband’s back and they’re going at it. In. A. Tree.



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