Wayback Wednesday Music: Kanye West Jesus Walks

Either hate him or love him, but I LOVE this! Enjoy

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Travel Tuesday Cambodia: Prasat Kravah

Take a guess what country I plan on visiting once it’s safe? Anyway, here’s today’s temple.

Prasat Kravan is a small 10th-century temple consisting of five reddish brick towers on a common terrace, at Angkor, Cambodia, south of the artificial lake called Srah Srang. Its original Sanskrit name is unknown. The modern name in Khmer, “Prasat Kravan”, means artabotrys odoratissimus temple. 

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The Black Barbie Chronicles: Black Barbie Bringing Lipsy Back

I do have my moments; sometimes, I’m good, sometimes I’m bad. You be the judge. Enjoy.

F.M. Laster

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli

Black Barbie Bringing Lipsy Back

      For anyone who has taken a chance to listen to the words flying out of mouth may notice two things.  One, depending on how drunk or fast I’m speaking I have the Texas Twang.  The second is a lisp. 

When I just a little Baby Black Barbie, my parents thought something was wrong with me. Well, there was, but this was different.  My ass was thrown into speech therapy for a few years to correct the lisp. However, like my bad taste in me, the therapy didn’t stick. 

I do have the ability to speak without the lisp, but it’s hard. Most of the time it feels unnatural, like sex with an ugly man, I don’t do it since both actions would be forced.

Believe me; I have stopped giving a fuck about what I sound like to other people many moons ago.  There is no real excuse for my lisp.  Everything seems to work fine like my tongue, and my jaw shape is fine.  I’ve decided that’s the way the good Lord made, and who the hell am I to question his wisdom. Black Barbie has a lisp, so deal with it, folks.

Now several of my sadistic friends get a kick out hearing me say fifth or physics, but I expect that from the jackasses I hang out with.  You should hear how I tease them!

 After a while, I had forgotten about my lisp; that is until today.  I did something fun today at the request of one of my co-teachers to teach pronunciation. This stupid, mind-numbing exercise is, however, a necessity to my poor students and my co-teacher.  I swear Mr. Kim’s lucky he’s hot or this shit would never happen.

Anyway, we are trying to recognize and differentiate between similar sounds.  I think you can pretty figure out where this shit’s going to go. The sounds were “z” and “s.”  Now, I had no issues with shoes and zoos. My problem came with rattling off a list of s-words with the quickness.

You know I actually got away with it.  Now I heard how I fucked up the words, but my kids didn’t. Then again, I’m sorry to say with their accents I really couldn’t tell if they messed up or not.  I lied and said that they did a good job, now go and practice.  Yep, no fucks were given that day.

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Selfie Sundays Starring ME!

Good afternoon one and all.

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Travel Tuesday Cambodia: Phrom Bakheng

Here’s today;s place.

Phnom Bakheng at Angkor, Cambodia, is a Hindu and Buddhist temple in the form of a temple mountain. Dedicated to Shiva, it was built at the end of the 9th century, during the reign of King Yasovarman

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Friday Flick: Men In Black

Here’s tonight’s flick. Do enjoy.

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Peru Pics: Me Again

What you see before you head off to the trail…. Second thoughts??? Had a good time.

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Wayback Wednesday Music: Wu Tang Clan

Some classic Wu for your Wednesday folks! Enjoy

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Travel Tuesday Cambodia:Lolei

Lolei (Khmer: ប្រាសាទលលៃ) is the northernmost temple of the Roluos group of three late 9th century Hindu temples at AngkorCambodia, the others members of which are Preah Ko and the Bakong. Lolei was the last of the three temples to be built as part of the city of Hariharalaya that once flourished at Roluos, and in 893 the Khmer king Yasovarman I dedicated it to Shiva and to members of the royal family. The name “Lolei” is thought to be a modern corruption of the ancient name “Hariharalaya,”[1]:98,112 which means “the city of Harihara.” Once an island temple, Lolei was located on an island slightly north of centre in the now dry Indratataka baray,[2]:60 construction of which had nearly been completed under Yasovarman’s father and predecessor Indravarman I. Scholars believe that placing the temple on an island in the middle of a body of water served to identify it symbolically with Mount Meru, home of the gods, which in Hindu mythology is surrounded by the world oceans

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lolei

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The Black Barbie Chronicles: Black Barbie in No Country for Inspiration

It’s true some days I’m awesome, somes days I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Anyhoo, check out my story below and enjoy.

F.M. Laster

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli

Black Barbie in No Country for Inspiration

      When I first arrived in Korea Land, I thought I would never have enough hours in the day to document my adventures. I mean everyday there is something new and exciting to view, learn, and experience. I thought I would overload my senses! Well, it’s been what, close to a month and the newness have worn off.

Now I find it difficult to write. It’s like something weird has happened to me. Have I mellowed out? Leveled out? Am I now a good person? Have I reached enlightenment? Am I no longer a fucking bitchy entitled asshole? Is my privilege showing?

      Hell no! I’m still the same bitch as before.  What has happened is that I now picked up this really annoying habit of repeating myself in Korea Land. Now I usually try and do my Rain Man performance of repeating short words when in public.  Yes, the repetition is as ridiculous as it sounds.

      For some reason I am no longer able to say simplistic English words like, “Yes”, “No”, “Thank you”, or “Please”. Now, I’m sounding like a damn Japanese anime character saying such gems like, “ same, same” , “small, small”, “service, service”, “yes, yes”  or “no, no”. You see, this might be necessary if I were using more advanced words and speaking to individuals whom aren’t fluent in English when doing this, like my kiddies and my fellow teachers.  I am sorry to say that I actually seem to do it more when I’m speaking to other foreigners in Busan. Conclusion? I think I am a bit on the slow side. Who the fuck knows?

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