Friday Flick: Persepolis

Here’s tonight’s flick, Persepolis.

Based on Satrapi’s graphic novel about her life in pre and post-revolutionary Iran and then in Europe. The film traces Satrapi’s growth from child to rebellious, punk-loving teenager in Iran. In the background are the growing tensions of the political climate in Iran in the 70s and 80s, with members of her liberal-leaning family detained and then executed, and the background of the disastrous Iran/Iraq war.

Check out the trailer below. Enjoy

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Peru Pics

4 days of sweat and tears but I made it!

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Wayback Wednesday Music: Patti Labelle

Some more Patti for your Wednesday.

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Travel Tuesday Cambodia: North Khleang

The Khleangs are two buildings of unknown purpose on the east side of the Royal Square in Angkor Thom, Cambodia, located just behind the twelve towers of Prasat Suor Prat and separated by the royal route that leads from the Angkor Thom Royal Palace to the Victory Gate. They are oriented along the north-south axis.

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The Black Barbie Chronicles: Black Barbie and Her Motely Crew

Ah Korea, I met a lot of folks there. Check out this story about the people met you ended up being some good friends.

F.M. Laster

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli

Black Barbie and her Motley Crew

      So I’ve been in Korea about what 19 days. Being that I arrived in November, I missed the Fall EPIK orientation. What I got was some half-ass crash course in living and teaching in Korea.

      I met up with Elisha Cho, the coordinator for the MOE in Busan. It turns out I was not the only late one to the EPIK party. There were 3 other people arriving late as well. These were Lauren, the Aussie, Niall, the Irishman, and Uhuru- Running Wolf, The Black Guy. Yeah, I know…weird dude. I forgot the actual name on his birth certificate, but he legally changed his name to Running Wolf.

      We are a crazy bunch. I can’t see myself hanging out with a better lunch of people. They make working in this country great. I find the whole lot a smashing good time. I can predict that we will have many, many drunken nights and mornings. Hell, maybe we’ll end up sharing a cell together. 
      Anywoo, we met up with Elisha for a tour of downtown. Downtown was nice and all we were introduced to what was to be a great and exciting time. I really enjoyed the time I had.

      I was introduced to Soju, which by itself tastes like ass. However, if it is mixed in a pitcher of smoothies, you can’t taste the Soju, which can be lethal. That shit can sneak up upon you so fast! One minute you’re sitting down enjoying yourself, the next you find yourself unable to stand. Then again, I guess it could be the 3 pitchers we had which made it difficult to stand. I predict that Soju and I will become very good friends.

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Selfie Sundays Starring ME!

Pretty girl all smiles today!

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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Saved the best for last with these 2 powerhouses.

Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) is an aging child star left to care for her wheelchair-bound sister Blanche (Joan Crawford), also a former child actress. Stuck living together in a mansion in old Hollywood, Blanche plots to get even with Jane for the car crash that left her crippled years earlier. But Jane is desperate to keep Blanche imprisoned as she plans a new rise to fame, and tries to hide Blanche’s existence from doctors, visitors and neighbors while she devises a way to get rid of her sister.

Check out the trailer below.

F.M. Laster

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli

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Friday Flick: Last Tango In Paris

Here’s tonight’s flick.

Distraught following his wife’s suicide, American hotelier Paul (Marlon Brando) becomes transfixed by the beautiful younger Frenchwoman Jeanne (Maria Schneider) when he meets her by chance at an apartment both are attempting to rent. The couple begin an extended but purely anonymous sexual relationship in which they do not even tell each other their names, but it soon becomes clear that the couple’s deliberate level of disassociation cannot continue.

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Peru Pics

Me after my flight to Peru from Houston.

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Wayback Wednesday Music: Monica

Some Monica for your Wednesday.

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